Our Hands Lyrics

VS: He was only a kid driving daddy’s truck
Someone up the road had been drinkin’ too much
Went out of control, and one more soul was heaven bound She was making her way through the marketplace
Walking in the sand with a veil on her face
When a bomb went, off and life was lost again

CH: There’s tears… rolling down the face of the earth tonight
From here… cross the oceans and the desert you can feel her cry We’ve been prayin’ and waitin’ for God to save her
But didn’t we listen when he said “love thy neighbor”
You see he’s already got a plan
To give this whole world a chance
He put it in Our Hands… Our Hands

VS2: Now I can’t fix what that drunk driver did
But I can spend a little more time at home with my kids

Teach ‘em common sense, there’s a consequence to everything we do And I can’t change what’s happening in the Middle East
But if I see somebody hurting I can roll up my sleeves
Try to ease their pain, make them smile again somehow.


BR: Our Hands – your hands – my hands And ain’t it time we took a stand?

Repeat last 3 lines of CHORUS

© Jai Josefs & Joie Scott