One on One Songwriting Coaching

Watch a brief video from two of Jai’s students

Jai is available for one on one songwriting coaching both in person (for those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area) and via Zoom for everyone.

Song Consultations

Jai will listen to your songs and give you in depth feedback on what is working well and what areas could be improved. He will make specific suggestions in the areas of melody, lyrics, chord progression, structure, groove, and marketing for each song. In addition, he often gives examples from successful popular songs in your style that you can use as a template to improve your own. The time can also be used to ask any questions you have about songwriting in general. Songwriting consultations can be done on a one time basis or a semi-regular basis.


Introductory session

If you’re curious about working with Jai and wonder if songwriting consultations or joining SongShop is the best course for you, this is the ideal way to begin. Jai will meet with you for a full hour, listen to your material, assess your strengths and weaknesses, discuss your history and goals, and recommend the program that will best take your songwriting abilities from where they are to where you want them to be. He will also give you specific feedback on how to immediately improve the songs you play for him.

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If you haven’t had direct contact with Jai, please email him at to discuss availability before scheduling an intro session.