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Songwriting Coach

Jai Josefs, Songwriting Coach

If you’re serious about becoming a great songwriter, you’ve come to 
the right place. Let renowned songwriter and songwriting coach Jai 
Josefs help you take your songwriting to new levels.

Jai has helped thousands of songwriters improve their songwriting skills – melody, lyrics, hooks, groove, chord progressions, structure and more.

Many of his students and clients have become successful songwriters with songs on the Billboard charts, placements in movies, commercials, television and video games as well as securing publishing and major label recording deals.

Watch this brief testimonial from Jason Brawner, songwriter/producer whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff and American Idol

Songwriting is an art – but its also a craft. As songwriters we all have internal muses that inspire us with melodies and lyrics that convey feelings and stories. But professional songwriters know that inspiration is only the first step, and it takes a thorough knowledge of the craft to edit what our muses give us into a finished product that can successfully impact thousands or even millions of people.

Jai has been successfully coaching songwriters take their writing to a new level for over three decades through his nationally renowned SongShop as well as his private songwriting coach programs and educational CD’s. Come look inside and see how Jai can help you realize your full potential as a songwriter. To contact Jai directly about working with him, email



Jai has a powerful new audio download called Secrets of Successful Songwriting where he reveals the “secrets” million selling artists use to create their songs and then demonstrates how to immediately begin incorporating them into your own writing. Its the distillation of everything he’s learned in 40 years of being a professional songwriter and coaching hundreds of developing writers like you to successful careers in the music business. And its available now on the audio/video program page of this website here:

He will also be doing a live Zoom workshop  based on that information and sponsored by Bananas at Large, the North Bay’s premier music store, on Saturday March 27 at 2PM. Its open to anyone until it fills, and also includes live song critiques for the first writers to register. You can find out more about it and sign up here:

Finally,  Jai’s renowned monthly SongShop is filled for the upcoming cycle, but will likely have an opening or two in June for new members. For more details go to  And he is available anytime for one on one introductory sessions and consultations. which can be booked here:

Have a happy and successful 2021 everyone. Write on!