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What are the “secrets” professional songwriters use to craft their songs that impact millions worldwide? In this audio program available as a download, Jai presents the quintessential distillation of everything he has learned in forty years of working as a pro songwriter and coaching hundreds of developing writers to their own successful careers in the business.

He answers questions like:

  • What is the one aspect of songwriting all professionals see as the most important?
  • What makes a melody hooky and attractive to the listener?
  • What is the difference between a great track and a great song?
  • How do chord progressions fit into today’s market?
  • What are the two key elements of lyric writing found in every impactful song?
  • How can you write from inspiration and still apply the technical aspects of the craft?

Using Grammy nominated examples from today’s top hitmakers including The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Adele, Post Malone, and many others, Jai demonstrates how you can immediately begin applying the techniques they use in their hits to your own writing. Audio 50 minutes.

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The Songwriter’s Blueprint: Turning a Great Idea into a Successful Lyric

thesongwritersblueprintSongwriters tend to write from the heart with emotion – as they should. But is what you write successfully conveying that emotion to the listener?
In this audio program Jai shows you how the Songwriters Blueprint can help you turn your personal lyrics into the kind of compelling well crafted professional songs that will carry your message to a wider audience and generate industry attention – all while maintaining the integrity of your original inspiration. Using examples from successful writers in the pop, indie, singer/songwriter, and country idioms whose work has touched millions, he analyzes the process they use to make sure their lyrics connect with all listeners in a meaningful way. And he shows you a step by step method you can use to immediately begin applying that process to your own writing. Audio 51 minutes plus handouts.

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How to Write Melodies Like the Pros

What’s the difference between how a developing writer approaches writing a melody and how a pro does? In this live video Jai explains the fundamental difference in their approaches. He then demonstrates how pros break melody down into its two components and then make sure each one powerfully impacts the listener. Finally, using both specific examples from hit songwriters and “before and after” examples from his own students, he shows you how to begin applying these techniques to your own melodies right away. Video 26 Minutes.

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Transforming the Tune – Keys to Musical Rewriting

TransformTheTuneMost songwriters know the importance of rewriting lyrics till they’re in the best possible shape, but far fewer are aware of the wide range of possibilities for rewriting the music of a song it becomes both more compelling to the listener and more marketable.. In this two CD set. Jai breaks down the four key musical elements of a song – melody, structure, chord progression, and groove – and shows specifically how making changes in each of them can transform a song from ordinary to extraordinary. Using before and after examples from real life successes, he then shows you how you can begin applying these breakthrough techniques to rewriting your own songs now! Extended Audio 95 minutes.

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