Download Instructions

If you are using a Windows computer:
To download your MP3/MP4 file, right-click on the file download link that is on the check out page or in the email you received after your purchase. Then, choose “Save Link As…” (it may also say “Save Target As…”) from the menu that appears. Choose a location on your computer to download the file, and then click the “Save” button.

If you are using an OSX computer:
Right-click on the MP3/MP4 link with your mouse (if your mouse has both a left and right click feature), then choose the “Save Link As” option. When you do this, you will be asked where to save the file and you can then choose where you want to save it. After you select the location, click on “Save.”

If you don’t use a mouse or if your mouse only has one click option, hold the “Control” key down and click on the download link. A window should appear. Choose the “Download Linked File As” option, select the location on you computer where you want to save your file, name it, and select the “Save” option. This should allow you to save your file to any location on your computer.

To download to an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device
To download your file(s) to an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device, you may need to download your file(s) using a computer, then transfer your downloaded file(s) to iTunes. Once you have your file(s) in iTunes, sync your mobile device to iTunes to transfer your file(s) using standard syncing/transferring practices.