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Jai Josefs, Songwriting Coach

If you’re serious about becoming a great songwriter, you’ve come to 
the right place. Let renowned songwriter and songwriting coach Jai 
Josefs help you take your songwriting to new levels.

Jai has helped thousands of songwriters improve their songwriting skills – melody, lyrics, hooks, groove, chord progressions, structure and more.

Many of his students and clients have become successful songwriters with placements in movies, commercials, television and video games as well as securing publishing and major label recording deals.

Watch this brief testimonial from Jason Brawner, songwriter/producer whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff and American Idol


Songwriting is an art – but its also a craft. As songwriters we all have internal muses that inspire us with melodies and lyrics that convey feelings and stories. But professional songwriters know that inspiration is only the first step, and it takes a thorough knowledge of the craft to edit what our muses give us into a finished product that can successfully impact thousands or even millions of people.

Jai has been successfully coaching songwriters take their writing to a new level for over three decades through his nationally renowned SongShop as well as his private songwriting coach programs and educational CD’s. Come look inside and see how Jai can help you realize your full potential as a songwriter. To contact Jai directly about working with him, email



As a response to everyone sheltering in place, due to the Corona Virus, Jai is offering

His First Ever Live Online Workshop

How To Turn a Good Song into a Great Song

Saturday April 25 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm PST (3:30pm – 6:30pm EST)

Successful songwriters know the differences between a good song, one that your friends like, and an outstanding song that can connect with a worldwide audience. In this workshop Jai will begin by revealing exactly what those differences are – both lyrically and musically. Then, using examples from current hits, he’ll share a series of techniques that will enable you to have the same results in your own songs. During the workshop, Jai will also listen to your songs live and show you how you can immediately take them to the next level by implementing these techniques. Level 1 registrations receive one song critique (limited to the first 10 registrants.)

All registrants receive the special 25% discount Coronavirus rate noted below

“Jai’s uncanny ability to listen to a song once and come up immediately with deep and meaningful insights to improve it both lyrically and musically has never ceased to amaze me.”
~ Denis Loiseau – Winner – Best Lyric of the Year, West Coast Songwriters

“Learning from Jai made a huge difference in my ability to write songs more effectively. It opened up possibilities that gave me more freedom – like giving a painter more colors in his palette to paint from.”
~ Susie Suh – Sony/Epic recording artist

Saturday April 25 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm PST (3:30pm – 6:30pm EST)

Level 1: Includes Song Critique (limited to the 1st 10 registrations) 

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Level 2: Without Song Critique

$60.00 $45.00Add to cart

If you are out of work due to Corona, contact Jai for a possible Level 2 scholarship