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Jai Josefs welcomes you to the Jai-Jo Music web site. 
If you’re serious about becoming a great songwriter, you’ve come to 
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Watch this brief testimonial from Jason Brawner, songwriter/producer whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff and American Idol


Songwriting is an art – but its also a craft. As songwriters we all have internal muses that inspire us with melodies and lyrics that convey feelings and stories. But professional songwriters know that inspiration is only the first step, and it takes a thorough knowledge of the craft to edit what our muses give us into a finished product that can successfully impact thousands or even millions of people.

Jai has been successfully helping songwriters take their writing to a new level for over three decades through his nationally renowned SongShop as well as his private coaching and educational CD’s. Come look inside and see how Jai can help you realize your full potential as a songwriter. To contact Jai directly about working with him, email


Latest News – 2018

• Jai will be presenting a brand new workshop called “How to Write Universally Relatable Songs That Can Reach Millions” at  the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles from November 2-4. Using examples from both hit songwriters and his own successful students he will show you specific techniques that you can use to turn your own personal stories into songs that will make millions say “Yeah I’ve felt like that too”. The Road Rally is an amazing Conference with over 2000 songwriters from all over the world and dozens of speakers. Jai will also lead a group SongShop and do one on one coaching there. For more details check it out here:

• Jai will also be presenting that workshop at the Music Expo in Emeryville on Saturday November 10.  Its a great conference with a lot of focus on studio production as well as songwriting. You can find out more about it here:

EXCITING NEWS! Ever wanted to be part of SongShop but can’t because you’re not in the SF Bay Area? Well now you CAN!  Jai will be presenting an ONLINE SONGSHOP this January in cooperation with SongCamp – a wonderful online songwriting website. It will be a one day at first but if the response is as good as it has been locally (see it will become monthly. The first one is limited to twelve participants so if you live outside San Fransisco and want the benefits of being part of a songwriting family coached by Jai  go to this link and register now:

Finally – check out Jai’s newest  educational video called “How to Write Melodies Like the Pros. ” Learn the differences between how a developing writer approaches writing a melody and how a pro does. It’s available on this website here: